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Someone much wiser than I once said, '..don't forget to have a little fun every day.' A motto I have held dear for a long time. This is reflected in the books we publish. The first release from Boon Boon Books was inspired by the writers wonderful wife.

Sitting on the sofa one day, as he does, he was asked to do something. the response was,

’Okey Pokey.’

‘Money Pokey? What’s Monkey Pokey?’ She asked.

‘I have no idea. Sounds fun though. I said Okey Pokey, as in OK.’

‘Are you sure, it sounded like Monkey Pokey to me. Which sounds like a children’s book. You’re clever, why don’t you go and write it?’

Within that very second the idea was complete. He knew the start, the end and how it would get there, just needed to fill up the middle bits. Complete inspiration.

We hope you enjoy this book and those that follow. Thank you for visiting, have fun..

BoonBoonBooks – established in 1971.

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