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Monkey Pokey & Clothing Available Now!

Great News! As of Jan 2024 a new range of T-shirts will be available, with Arborist based flim pun designs.

 The sequel to 'Monkey Pokey', the long awaited 'Did The Shark Bark?' is written. It is in the opening stages of the artwork development. More news soon. Viva la' 'Monkey Pokey'

Critics are saying;

“Wow, that ending…blew my mind.” ★★★★★ - M Carson.

“I’m impressed, great work. Excellent.” ★★★★★ - J Hall.

"Artwork is ridiculously good..."★★★★★ - T Kyriacou.

Lots of hard work and fun writing and illustrating these books, hope you enjoy the results. Find us on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.

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Just what you were booking for.

Calling all voracious readers!...of a certain age. Dedicated children's book development and publishing. Starting with a series of three books. 'Monkey Pokey' our debut release, which when successful will be followed by the legendary, 'Did The Shark Bark?', then the notoriously tough third album, the hugely anticipated, 'Do Old Chickens Go Grey?' An epic trilogy.....probably!

Please use the contact form below for more information.

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Filling in the blanks

Getting that ideal look for your work is hard. There is highly valued understanding from personal experience. Being able to develop a clear and detailed vision is a masterful way to create that unique product image. Critics have been kind, some though have even failed to noticed the 'Easter Eggs' and the complete dedication to a vision employed in this area.

Please use the contact form below for more information.


Meet the author

Arrange for a visit from the author of 'Monkey Pokey'. Who will read the book and engage in a Q & A. Then if you chose, will take a writing workshop for those attending. Suitable for schools, book shops or book clubs. The first option takes about two hours, thirty minutes and the second about three hours, thirty minutes.

Please use the contact form below for more information and quotes.

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Please use the form opposite to help us help you. Unless of course you are helping us, in which case goodness knows what will happen.

If you are after advise on writing, publishing, printing, retailing, life, the universe or pretty much anything else, there are much more valuable and reliable sources out there.

Thanks for making contact, especially if you are Extra Terrestrial!

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