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Thank you for taking the time to read this before just jumping in. We are sure you know the drill or at least something similar. We will not read anything that is sent by post. Please put submissions in the subject box.

We will read a few things sent via email and here are the details, please read carefully. Turn around 6 -8 weeks.

  1. Children’s Picture Books. Which are usually made up mostly of…! So there should not be a lot of text. Feel free to send up to 2000 in a word doc.

  2. Children’s Novel’s. Please send the first 1000 words, a mid section of no more than 1000 words and the last 1000 of the book in a word doc.​

  3. Other Novels, not us really. Are you sure you are looking in the right direction?

If you have any questions on writing, publishing or submissions there are hundred’s of sites out there offering such advice, who are more experienced and who can help in a much clearer way than we possibly ever could. Have fun.

Submissions: Welcome
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